The Difference Between CrossFit Shoes and Running Shoes for Men

When you like to practice a sport or an activity, you are very likely to suffer injuries or many minor problems with different parts of your body. When it comes to feet, there are several things you can do to avoid these problems and injuries, and one of the main things you can do to protect them is to choose the right type of shoes that will help you not only avoid these problems but even improve your performance.

But of course, it all depends on the kind of activity you are involved in. In this article, we are going to talk about the differences between the men’s CrossFit shoes that are specially designed to work as a gym partner and running shoes that are more adventurous, helping you have a better experience while jogging.

Take a look further and find out why they are different from each other and which will offer you the best performance depending on your activities.

Main Differences

Cross-trainer shoes or training shoes as they are most commonly referred as to, are mostly used in activities that involve weights and hard pressure on the feet. Activities like weightlifting, basketball, tennis, elliptical machine or even dancing are a good fit for cross-trainer shoes. However, even when they can be used for sports like basket and tennis, the cushioning and support to the feet won’t protect the user against the pain in heels or the toes when running, as they tend to be harder and firmer.

On the other hand, running shoes are mainly soft, with more cushioning on the heel part and much more flexible, making the user less susceptible to problems or pain in the feet. These are mainly made to avoid back stepping while running, making it softer when stepping harder and much more flexible against bad movements in the heels. The sole of these shoes tends to be bigger and taller, especially in heels, and the materials are often softer and flexible.

What are They Made for

Cross-trainers are specially made to support lateral movements from weightlifting or activities that involve over-the-hip lifting and balancing. They also offer extra stability and control, a harder sole and materials that help the feet to stay firmer and move less while training. Because of this, they are much heavier than running shoes.

Running shoes are much lighter than cross-trainers. This little weight helps the user to move the feet up, down, back and forth faster and with better support against repetitive stepping. So, they are helpful and more energetic when used at running and walking, as they concentrate the pressure on the feet to help legs produce more energy and thus, better performance when running.

Which is The Perfect Shoe for You

If you are looking to buy one shoe, the first thing to take into account is the activity you are going to use it. As we’ve said before, running shoes are better for just jogging, and activities that involve stepping a lot, as they help support your feet with their comfortable cushioning.

On the other hand, CrossFit shoes help activities that involve weightlifting and lots of pressure on the feet, like tennis and basketball, making them not only comfortable but much harder and stable than running shoes.

So, if you’re looking to get a shoe, first take into account the activity you’re going to use it in, then you can pick the choose you want that fits perfectly, that feels soft and stable enough and that gives the perfect aesthetic valor. After all this, you are done with the perfect shoe for your necessities!

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