Increase Mass and Size with These Chest Exercises

Developing a strong looking chest is a dream of every bodybuilder who works hard to bring shape to his chest. Even if you are not training to win a trophy, a stronger chest displays your determination and strength. While it requires hard work to develop a strong chest, it is also dangerous if you don’t exercise the right way.

Chest and biceps are the two of the main visible muscles. So it is must for an athlete, weight lifter or just someone who keeps himself fit to include chest building exercises in his workout routine.

Build up chest not only looks impressive but it also increases the strength in your arms so you will be able to perform exercises for your other body muscles effectively.

The Exercises

You can perform many exercises that work up the muscles in your chest but some are more effective than the others. Chest, as said before, can help you in support your other muscles so it is important to train it properly in the long run.

The exercises mentioned here only require a bench and weights to perform. However, there are also machines presents that can be used to perform these exercises. First, start with the free weights so you can know how the body moves and which muscles work when you perform these exercises. Then you can switch on to machines when you are comfortable with the exercises.

Here are the five exercises for building-up your chest.

Bench Press with Barbell


Bench press is no doubt one of the best exercises that have been in use for many years for working on the chest. It is a common exercise that increases the size and strength of the chest and is recommended by experts all over the world. Bench press can be performed with different variations but we use wide grip.

Lie face up on the bench with your feet placed on the ground. Grab the barbell with wide grip and bring it down from the support over your chest. Lift the weight up and down to perform reps. Keep your back, head, feet still and fixed while performing reps.

Bench Press with Dumbbell


Similar to the previous exercise, bench press using dumbbells is little bit easier. Instead of lifting the weight up and down, you will be lifting the weight towards the mid of your chest. With dumbbell in your each hand, you will be able to balance the weight more properly in each hand.

Take the same stance as bench press with barbell on the bench. Grab a dumbbell in your both hands and start by supporting the weights on shoulders. Lift the weights straight up in front of your chest.

Explosive Push-Ups


A good workout routine always includes varieties of exercises to keep the muscles relax. If you keep doing one exercise then your muscles will not stay flexible and after one time, you will start having negative effects. In order to balance the demanding bench press, we use push-ups to bring more motion in the workout.

Take a normal push-up stance with hands placed on the ground at shoulder width. Bend your elbows and lower your chest down towards the ground. Gather strength in your hands and rise back up but with more force so your hands lift up from the ground. Some people clap in between before returning to the ground.

Bench Press (Inclined)


This exercise is same as the bench press in term of performing and the muscles it targets (triceps, pectorals and deltoids). However, when bench press is performed on an incline surface, it places more pressure on upper chest to apply more force.

The exercise is performed the same way as normal bench press, but you will need a bench that can be inclined. Lie down on the bench with feet on the ground and lower the barbell from the support. Bring the weight on over your chest and push it straight up with arms completely stretched.

Bench Press (Declined)


Similar to the ordinary bench press, this exercise targets triceps, deltoids and pectorals. However, when you perform bench press on decline surface you put more pressure on your lower chest.

Use a bench that can be set to decline position. Lower the barbell from the support and lower the weight on the lower chest. Don’t let your elbows move outwards as it will bring a great pressure on the joints of your shoulders. Move the weight up and repeat.

These five exercises will give you a strong chest. Include these exercises in your workout routine to build-up your chest. Remember not to use only chest exercises as it will restrict your body to a similar motion and your other muscles will not grow. Balance your workouts with different kinds of exercises so your whole body develops equally.

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