Must-have Gaming Gear to Become a Pro Gamer

While skill is an important factor in gaming, your gear will impact your overall experience. A decent mouse, a better keyboard, or a comfortable headset is essential for any gaming enthusiast. It’s prudent that you invest in gaming hardware to make your gaming prowess. But, can gaming gear make you a better gamer? Well, let’s find out.


gaming headsets

Even if you’re a pro gamer, you need a great headset. It helps you pinpoint the sound effects better than the traditional TV speakers. The fundamental things to look out for include comfort, a great microphone, and built quality. If you’re playing shooting games like Overwatch or Call of Duty, a good pair of headsets will help you know where the enemy is coming from. The other key feature to look for is surround sound. Before you invest in a gaming microphone, ask your friends about the equipment they are using.

Gaming Monitors

gaming monitors

The best gaming monitor should provide you with clear visual information. You don’t need a giant screen that uses image-enhancing technology. Pro players use a 24-inch or 32-inch monitor with features like HDR or 4K ultra-high definition (UHD). This will help the player monitor the mini-map and scan potential threats. If you prefer a crisp picture, you should buy a monitor with a faster refresh rate. When it comes to resolution, make sure you have HD 1080p at a minimum. If you’re looking for gaming monitors for PS4 and Xbox One, you do not need a high refresh rate gaming monitor. All console games are locked at a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz.


gaming mice

If you’re playing a first-shooter game, you need a good mouse. There are two features that affect performance: response time and comfort. However, this does not mean that you buy a mouse with 12,000 dots per inch (dpi). Most games rely on mouse movements, so it’s important that you invest in a model that allows for multiple DPI settings.

Secondly, play close attention to optical sensors. They give faster response times than optical sensors. Another key factor is the build quality. Because you’ll be playing the game for hours, you should choose a mouse with a finger, claw, or palm design. Lastly, you should consider the weight of the mouse. A lightweight mouse will give frantic movements and precision aiming. Continue reading ‘Must-have Gaming Gear to Become a Pro Gamer’ »

The Difference Between CrossFit Shoes and Running Shoes for Men

The Difference Between Cross Shoes and Running Shoes

When you like to practice a sport or an activity, you are very likely to suffer injuries or many minor problems with different parts of your body. When it comes to feet, there are several things you can do to avoid these problems and injuries, and one of the main things you can do to protect them is to choose the right type of shoes that will help you not only avoid these problems but even improve your performance.

But of course, it all depends on the kind of activity you are involved in. In this article, we are going to talk about the differences between the men’s CrossFit shoes that are specially designed to work as a gym partner and running shoes that are more adventurous, helping you have a better experience while jogging.

Take a look further and find out why they are different from each other and which will offer you the best performance depending on your activities.

Main Differences

Main Differences

Cross-trainer shoes or training shoes as they are most commonly referred as to, are mostly used in activities that involve weights and hard pressure on the feet. Activities like weightlifting, basketball, tennis, elliptical machine or even dancing are a good fit for cross-trainer shoes. However, even when they can be used for sports like basket and tennis, the cushioning and support to the feet won’t protect the user against the pain in heels or the toes when running, as they tend to be harder and firmer.

On the other hand, running shoes are mainly soft, with more cushioning on the heel part and much more flexible, making the user less susceptible to problems or pain in the feet. These are mainly made to avoid back stepping while running, making it softer when stepping harder and much more flexible against bad movements in the heels. The sole of these shoes tends to be bigger and taller, especially in heels, and the materials are often softer and flexible.

What are They Made for

What are They Made for

Cross-trainers are specially made to support lateral movements from weightlifting or activities that involve over-the-hip lifting and balancing. They also offer extra stability and control, a harder sole and materials that help the feet to stay firmer and move less while training. Because of this, they are much heavier than running shoes. Continue reading ‘The Difference Between CrossFit Shoes and Running Shoes for Men’ »

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Get in Shape with Spartacus Workout Routine

spartacus workout

This workout contains ten exercises that are gathered to work out the body evenly. Each exercise is to be performed for 60 seconds so your whole body can get the benefits of the workout.


Perform these 10 exercises 3 times in a week. Perform the exercises in 3 circuits i.e. first do all the ten exercise one by one in a series and repeat it three times. Perform each exercise for 60 seconds one by one, rest for 15 seconds before starting the next exercise. Once you have completed a circuit, rest for 2 minutes before starting the next. Increase your rest time if you are feeling too tired to continue for a minute. Select weights with which you can do 15 – 20 reps. Continue reading ‘Get in Shape with Spartacus Workout Routine’ »

A Good Workout from Mark Wahlberg


Mark Wahlberg is a famous American actor known for his roles in the film The Fighter and Boogie Nights. Out of acting, Mark Wahlberg is known for his excellent biceps shape which he has kept same in his various films. If you are a Mark Wahlberg fan and want to get pumped biceps just like Mark Wahlberg then this article will guide you right from the his own routine.

Workout Routine

Mark Wahlberg uses different types of workout routines, but this one is his usual workout routine whenever he wants to pump up his biceps. This workout is easy to follow but is very demanding. The goal of the workout is to work on the biceps from every direction by using weights and machines. The workout can be performed in any normal gym as it requires only basic equipments.

Mark Wahlberg starts the workout with more reps at first then increase the weight while decreasing the number of reps. this technique makes the body used to the weight, so the exercise can be performed with maximum effectiveness. If you are just starting out in body building then avoid doing the two exercises as mentioned in the end.


This workout should be followed on any one day of the week. Make sure you keep it three days away from any workout targeting your back. Do all the sets of one exercise first then move on the second one and so on. Increase the weight after each set. Continue reading ‘A Good Workout from Mark Wahlberg’ »

Crunch-Free Workout for Abs That Takes Only 15 Minutes


Here is the truth, according to the experts, crunches aren’t going to help you to slim your midsection. This condition applies if your belly is protruding because of diastasis recti, which occurs because of weight gain, exercising improperly or pregnancy. According to a fitness expert from New York, in order to control the belly, you need to work on your core entirely which means the muscles in abdomen. Here are some exercises to overcome this problem. To get the max benefit from it, perform it minimum three times in a week.

Seated Squeeze

Put one hand below the navel and other on upper stomach. Expand your belly by inhaling. Exhale and contract your abs toward your spine. (It’s the initial position). Now, draw your abs even more deep towards the spine and count till two, then move back to the initial position and count to two. Perform hundred reps. Continue reading ‘Crunch-Free Workout for Abs That Takes Only 15 Minutes’ »

Increase Mass and Size with These Chest Exercises

Developing a strong looking chest is a dream of every bodybuilder who works hard to bring shape to his chest. Even if you are not training to win a trophy, a stronger chest displays your determination and strength. While it requires hard work to develop a strong chest, it is also dangerous if you don’t exercise the right way.

Chest and biceps are the two of the main visible muscles. So it is must for an athlete, weight lifter or just someone who keeps himself fit to include chest building exercises in his workout routine.

Build up chest not only looks impressive but it also increases the strength in your arms so you will be able to perform exercises for your other body muscles effectively.

The Exercises

You can perform many exercises that work up the muscles in your chest but some are more effective than the others. Chest, as said before, can help you in support your other muscles so it is important to train it properly in the long run.

The exercises mentioned here only require a bench and weights to perform. However, there are also machines presents that can be used to perform these exercises. First, start with the free weights so you can know how the body moves and which muscles work when you perform these exercises. Then you can switch on to machines when you are comfortable with the exercises.

Here are the five exercises for building-up your chest.

Bench Press with Barbell


Bench press is no doubt one of the best exercises that have been in use for many years for working on the chest. It is a common exercise that increases the size and strength of the chest and is recommended by experts all over the world. Bench press can be performed with different variations but we use wide grip.

Lie face up on the bench with your feet placed on the ground. Grab the barbell with wide grip and bring it down from the support over your chest. Lift the weight up and down to perform reps. Keep your back, head, feet still and fixed while performing reps. Continue reading ‘Increase Mass and Size with These Chest Exercises’ »

Workout & Diet Plan from Zac Efron


Zac Efron: From High School Heartthrob to Hollywood Hunk

If you have seen Zac Efron in the movie “High School Musical”, you will notice a cute boy but now the same boy has become a toned and impressive looking guy. From a favorite of children he is now accepted as a fine actor by adult audience as well. He has work really hard to shape his body and work to get accepted by everyone.


Zac has played the role of a U.S. marine in the film, “The Lucky One”. In the film, Zac plays the role of a marine who returns back to his girl. In order to portray the role of a marine, it was must that Zac looked like one. In order to get the look, Zac worked hard to lose his body fat and gain muscles mass; the same look that many of us want to achieve.

Here is mentioned how Zac Efron workout and ate to achieve the impressive six-packs look. Continue reading ‘Workout & Diet Plan from Zac Efron’ »

Get an Amazing Chest with the Ultimate Chest Workout


Home Workout Routine to Build-Up Strong Chest

If you want to develop a strong looking chest then it is not compulsory that you should go to a gym. If you know the right exercises, you can train efficiently in your house. This workout is designed to take less time and follow a series of press-up exercises to work out the muscles in your arms and chest.


  • Perform this workout routine at least once a week.
  • If you follow a workout routine which includes a day for working on the upper body then perform this workout 48 hours after that.
  • The reps in each exercise should be followed one after the other with minimum rest.

Workout – Press-Up Variations


  • Take a press-up stance and lower your chest down towards the ground. When you rise back up, lift your right hand above the ground towards the ceiling.
  • Do same with your left hand.
  • Perform 20 reps.


  • Keep your right hand ahead of your shoulder and left hand behind it. Do a press-up.
  • When you raise back up switch your hands so now the left hand is in front and right on back.
  • Perform 20 reps.


  • Come into a press-up stance and place your hands below your chest. Combine the thumbs and fingers of both hands to form a diamond shape. Do a press-up in this stance. Your chest will reach towards your hands.
  • Perform 10 reps.


  • Take a normal press-up stance. Lower your chest to the ground and when you raise back up launch yourself from the ground.
  • Strike your chest with your hands while you are in the air and continue to perform more press-ups in this way.
  • Perform 10 reps.


  • Take a normal press-up stance and raise your one leg up.
  • Do a press-up; then alternate between the legs.
  • Perform 10 reps.

Continue reading ‘Get an Amazing Chest with the Ultimate Chest Workout’ »

Best Workout to Have Bulky Arms

Best Workout to Have Bulky Arms

Develop Stronger Arms with These Five Exercises

So you want to develop stronger arms but even though you follow your workouts you are still not getting any results. The reason behind it is that you are not doing enough exercises with different varieties to fully workout your arms muscles. Here are five exercises that will help you in developing stronger looking arms.

Chin-Ups with Dead-Hang

Grab a pull-up bar with underhand grip at shoulder width. Keep your legs behind and feet crossed. Your shoulders will be back and down in a normal state. This will be your initial position. Now, pull your body upward with the strength of your arms so that your shoulders becomes in a straight line with the pull-up bar. Pause in this position; then lower yourself downwards towards the initial position. Continue reading ‘Best Workout to Have Bulky Arms’ »

20-Minute Workout – Get Large Immediate

20-Minute Work out

An effective workout routine includes cardio and weights but with less time. If you have little time on your hand for workouts then this article will guide you how perform both of these in 20 minutes.

Although you might think that 20 minutes are too little for an effective workout, but if you perform the right exercises in the right amount then 20 minutes are enough to increase muscles mass and gain strength.


You perform the exercises in this workout in 6 circuits. While it looks like that these exercises will take longer to perform but it only takes 20 minutes. Follow the circuits in given order and your rest will consist of the time it takes you to shift to the next exercise. Perform this workout 4 times in a week.

Pushups are also the best workouts, and you need to do 15 pushups in one rep and then can follow the same line. Place your hands on the floor according to your shoulders’ width and then you can squeeze your shoulder blades by lowering your body and then take it up. So, following this will provide you one of the great workouts. Continue reading ‘20-Minute Workout – Get Large Immediate’ »