Get in Shape with Spartacus Workout Routine


This workout contains ten exercises that are gathered to work out the body evenly. Each exercise is to be performed for 60 seconds so your whole body can get the benefits of the workout.


Perform these 10 exercises 3 times in a week. Perform the exercises in 3 circuits i.e. first do all the ten exercise one by one in a series and repeat it three times. Perform each exercise for 60 seconds one by one, rest for 15 seconds before starting the next exercise. Once you have completed a circuit, rest for 2 minutes before starting the next. Increase your rest time if you are feeling too tired to continue for a minute. Select weights with which you can do 15 – 20 reps. Continue reading ‘Get in Shape with Spartacus Workout Routine’ »

A Good Workout from Mark Wahlberg


Mark Wahlberg is a famous American actor known for his roles in the film The Fighter and Boogie Nights. Out of acting, Mark Wahlberg is known for his excellent biceps shape which he has kept same in his various films. If you are a Mark Wahlberg fan and want to get pumped biceps just like Mark Wahlberg then this article will guide you right from the his own routine.

Workout Routine

Mark Wahlberg uses different types of workout routines, but this one is his usual workout routine whenever he wants to pump up his biceps. This workout is easy to follow but is very demanding. The goal of the workout is to work on the biceps from every direction by using weights and machines. The workout can be performed in any normal gym as it requires only basic equipments.

Mark Wahlberg starts the workout with more reps at first then increase the weight while decreasing the number of reps. this technique makes the body used to the weight, so the exercise can be performed with maximum effectiveness. If you are just starting out in body building then avoid doing the two exercises as mentioned in the end.


This workout should be followed on any one day of the week. Make sure you keep it three days away from any workout targeting your back. Do all the sets of one exercise first then move on the second one and so on. Increase the weight after each set.

Here are the exercises:

Dumbbell Curl (Seated)

Grab a pair of dumbbell in your hands and use an incline bench to sit down; keep your arms falling freely on your sides with dumbbells. Now, bring your hands up such that the dumbbells come in front of your shoulders with your palms facing you and elbows facing the ground. Hold the position for few seconds then return to the initial position.

Perform 3 sets with 10 reps in the first, 8 in the second and 6 in the final. Take 90 seconds rest after each set.

Dumbbell Curl (Standing)

Stand straight with a pair of dumbbell in your hands; keep your arms falling freely on your sides with dumbbells. Don’t move your upper arms and lift your hands up by bending your elbows. Bring the dumbbells in front of your shoulders with your palms facing towards you. Hold the position for few seconds.

Perform 3 sets with 10 reps in the first, 8 in the second and 6 in the final. Take 90 seconds rest after each set.

Barbell Curl

Stand straight with a barbell in your hands with your palms facing away from you. Bend your elbows and while keeping your upper arms still, rise the barbell up.

Perform 3 sets with 10 reps in the first, 8 in the second and 6 in the final. Take 90 seconds rest after each set.

EZ-Bar Curl

Hold an EZ-Bar in your both hands and curl it just like a normal barbell curl.

Perform 3 sets with 10 reps in the first, 8 in the second and 6 in the final. Take 90 seconds rest after each set.

Machine Curl

Perform this exercise on a curl machine for biceps. Place your elbows and align them with the rotation axis. Grab the handle and curl it.

Perform 3 sets with 10 reps in the first, 8 in the second and 6 in the final. Take 90 seconds rest after each set.

Crunch-Free Workout for Abs That Takes Only 15 Minutes


Here is the truth, according to the experts, crunches aren’t going to help you to slim your midsection. This condition applies if your belly is protruding because of diastasis recti, which occurs because of weight gain, exercising improperly or pregnancy. According to a fitness expert from New York, in order to control the belly, you need to work on your core entirely which means the muscles in abdomen. Here are some exercises to overcome this problem. To get the max benefit from it, perform it minimum three times in a week.

Seated Squeeze

Put one hand below the navel and other on upper stomach. Expand your belly by inhaling. Exhale and contract your abs toward your spine. (It’s the initial position). Now, draw your abs even more deep towards the spine and count till two, then move back to the initial position and count to two. Perform hundred reps. Continue reading ‘Crunch-Free Workout for Abs That Takes Only 15 Minutes’ »

Increase Mass and Size with These Chest Exercises

It is time to start gaining muscle mass and increase the size of your chest. To gain mass, you need the right exercises along with protein shakes, wholesome food, glutamine and creatine (mass building supplements). You need to gain as much mass as you can to get a proper and huge looking shape.

The right exercises for building mass for your chest are simple, and you might have already performed or at least heard about them. If you are following a workout routine, then you might already have been performing them on your workout days. So, it is not about only performing these exercises, but doing them the right way. You will need to do these exercises with a mixture of bodybuilding and powerlifting techniques which is called power-building technique. You will be lifting heavy weights where the bodybuilding techniques will help you with the effectiveness of each rep and powerlifting techniques will cover up the weight lifting part.

Here are the exercises:

Incline Barbell Press


Some bodybuilders say that one cannot develop the upper chest much. This exercise is best for building up your chest and giving it shape. Alternate this exercise with bench press to get good results.

Bench Press


A common exercise but many people have some misconceptions about this exercise. People think that it can cause injuries which is true only if you over do this exercise or perform it the wrong way. However, bench press is one exercise to pack up solid mass with.

Hammer Strength Chest Press


While the machines are not in the top priority to perform exercises with, but this is an exception. This exercise either done in decline, incline or flat covers the right movements which builds the muscles in the right form.

Perform these exercises with heavy weights and do low reps, continue exercising until you can’t lift anymore. This will help you to increase your muscle mass. Along with the exercise, have a good diet and take proper rest to give time to the muscles to build up again and recover.

Dumbbell Press


Flat dumbbell press and incline dumbbell press both will work great for your chest. Alternate between these exercise and you will learn quickly which of your side is stronger compared to other.

Workout & Diet Plan from Zac Efron


Zac Efron: From High School Heartthrob to Hollywood Hunk

I must say, Zac Efron has really grown into one hot hunk. I wasn’t really a fan of him during his High School Musical days, but he really blew me away when he took his shirt off in one (or more) scenes in Charlie St. Cloud! He was suddenly so ripped (and so sexy) compared to his lanky teenager version in the Disney movie. Suddenly he’s not just the pretty boy who’s making high school girls swoon with his on-court dance moves and his acceptable singing. He’s grown into a more mature image that’s just apt for his age and this stage in his career. Recently, most of his movies involve steamy scenes, more emotional scenes, all highlighting the idea that makes some girls think, “How can you just let go of a man like that?”


Such is the turnaround in Zac Efron’s physique and image that some people are clamoring to find out how he did it, how he was suddenly hot stuff coming from lanky high school jock. And so of course plenty of wannabe trainers took up on the bandwagon and dished out their own diet plans while using Zac as reference, claiming that theirs is the way the actor achieved his physical health goals. Thankfully, some celebrity sites try to be more legit by actually interviewing celebrity trainers asking them what their take is on Zac Efron’s secrets to keeping his body immaculate.

On the other hand, there is one source that actually cited Zac Efron’s trainer on the set of Charlie St. Cloud and gave a rundown of how his routine was in preparation for the movie. Basically, his routine for the movie was composed of full-body workouts wherein he favored upper-body work the most. The site mentions that the Charlie St. Cloud lead actor actually preferred the chest workouts over the leg workouts. He would’ve rather done the dips than the lunges. He of course, however, gave the workouts his 100% so he can be in shape for the sailing he had to do in the movie. Because Zac Efron had an ectomorph’s body, he actually had to work harder to gain muscle. That is why Zac Efron diet plans frequently included protein bars or protein shakes as part of his post – workout snack.


Since little is known about the Zac Efron diet plans and workout plans, the next possible alternative for those who want to achieve a body like his would be to refer to celebrity trainers like those interviewed by entertainment magazines. Trust that these celebrity trainers could more or less provide a plan that’s almost like Zac’s because they know what actors like Zac would need for their roles in their different projects. For example, Harley Pasternak, trainer to high-profile couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, suggests having a green smoothie for breakfast. This green smoothie would include greek yogurt, spinach, green pear, green avocado, almond milk and a little bit of lime. A smoothie like this is bound to keep one feel full, while having a very healthy breakfast. It’s also easier on digestion which helps metabolism and thus contributing to a leaner physique. Many thanks to Madison’s tips

Other Useful tips

Get an Amazing Chest with the Ultimate Chest Workout


Most men complain about having a flat and unattractive chest. They want to build full and strong chest muscles that can make them look hot and tough. There are many chest exercise routines that can lead you to having the improper figure. The ultimate chest workout can help you build a big and proportionate chest in just a few months.

Human chest is mainly composed of two muscle groups: clavicular pectoralis or the “upper chest” and the “lower chest”. But the big chest muscle is called the pectoralis major and it is responsible for many body actions such as lifting the arms, rotating the arm muscles, flexing the chest, and many more. The upper chest muscle should be given focus because it takes longer to grow, and the overall chest appearance would look inappropriate if it is left behind.

The most popular routines that add resistance, strength, and size are bench press, dumbbell press, dumbbell flyes, barbell bench press, dips for chest, cable crossover, and the favorite push-ups. If you are really aiming for outstanding pecs, you need lots of heavy weightlifting in your routine. The workout should vary in intensity. These exercises maximally increase muscle fibers that will allow you to continuously increase the weight load without further fear of increasing risk of injury.


The key to the best chest workout is to master all the exercises included in it. You can expect to have an impressive chest as you progress. You can forget about too much exercise variation and other minor chest exercises because they would simply ruin your workout.

As you increase the range of motion for the muscle around and surrounding your chest, the more that you give it the more it increases size and strength. Tension is essential when you aim to achieve that big dream chest. And that makes barbell an important equipment for your workout.

Cable flyes are for the lower chest. This is usually performed while standing up and feeling the contraction occurring in your chest. Furthermore, cable flyes also hit the outer chest that gives good shape and mass.

The ultimate chest workout should first start off with exercises targeting the lower chest muscles. And most of the routine is allotted for the upper chest area because it is the hardest area to target and build. When the overall chest is undergoing exercises, the lower pectorals are developed along with it even if it’s not the focal point during the workout.

The workout routine for chest building should comprise free movements but control coordination with each other. Contractions are necessary to occur because it induces growth and resistance. Most individuals do not even notice that they keep increasing the weight that they carry in shorter time span. How would you know if it’s the time to change weight? When you feel like you’re not giving too much effort carrying the weights, then it is the time to change into something heavier.

Don’t forget to give the workout a recovery period because it is the time for the muscles to rest. Recovery is necessary to avoid failure in routines.

Best Workout to Have Bulky Arms

The arms or other parts of the body become good looking if you life weight for long time on daily basis or keep on working to lift the weight. To get bulky arms, the wrestler and other persons do perfect exercises but they are still suffering from different issues. There is the need to lift the weight which is good for health and perfect for body. For example, if you stuck more food in your body than need, you will be suffering from belching and nausea and will desire to get riddance from that food. So, same condition happens with your arms, if you exercise more than need, you will surely suffer. Why not lift the weight which is good for attaining bulky arms.

Attaining bulky arms can be easy if you start from the right point. For example, if your body is good to lift only 30 kg, you should start from it and keep on increasing the weight day by day but not at once and this will improve your stamina and will give you surely bulky arms like wrestlers. Why not put stride forward to have bulky arms but with complete care and perfection. The body will become good-looking.

Best Workout to Have Bulky Arms

20-Minute Work out – Get Large Immediate

20-Minute Work out

I’ve seen many people who don’t know how to make their bodies work well, but they are doing a lot of exercises but with no results. If you want to make your body work well, you need to follow right type of workouts to have quality results. If you are going to select the exercises to follow, why not set those exercise with great results! Why not have perfect results in less than 20 minutes workout? There is the need to follow these steps if you love to make your body fit and healthy and work well. You will be provided a chance to have what you are looking for.

There are different types of exercises, but running and walking at fast pace are good one to follow. Run or walk for one minute and then sprint for one minute. This will make your body workout well, and will increase its stamina. In next exercise, you need to have some flat table and lie on it having dumbbells in each hand. You need to open up your arms and make them even to your chest. This will make your body workout the best one with the results that you need.


Pushups are also the best workouts, and you need to do 15 pushups in one rep and then can follow the same line. Place your hands on the floor according to your shoulders’ width and then you can squeeze your shoulder blades by lowering your body and then take it up. So, following this will provide you one of the great workouts.

Plank is also the best exercise to follow. In this exercise, you need to go to the pushup position. You can lower your forearms and brace your abs. Hold on this position for 30 seconds and then can repeat it according to your needs. Check out Adrian Peterson’s personal fitness here!

These exercises are good one to follow and in only 20 minutes, you can have workout with ease because these exercises are proven one. Note that these exercises or any other exercise will not bring results in a week or so. You need to follow it on continual process, and it will surely bring results after some time. Why not do exercises and have quality results in less than 20 minutes. Follow these quality exercises and do some reps to have perfect results. Your body will look handsome and great. Enjoy living happily with attractive body.